People protesting DOES NOTHING

protesterSo thousands and thousands of people marched for equal rights yesterday.  And guess what????  Absolutely nothing changed and nothing will change because people walked around with signs.

You know why?  Because Trump, his cabinet and his supporters don’t give a shit.  They won, you didn’t.  And they love it.

Politically, they will do whatever they want to do with no care for you and your protests.  You will have sore feet and a crotch rash and nothing will change for the better.

Stop posting how “proud” you are of everyone who walked around with a sign.  Your sign doesn’t mean jack, fucking, shit.  They only people who care about your protest were the people walking next to you.

You were preaching to your own choir, but you slept well last night.  And that’s all that matters.

Look, Trump is an asshole, this is true.  He’s a sexist, egotistical asshole and should never be anyone’s president, but he is.  And there are 60 something million people who voted for him and they are also assholes.gty-womens-march-washington-4-jt-170121_mn_4x3t_384

But Hillary sucked giant donkey balls too.  Don’t try to tell me differently, I’m stating facts.

Instead of making signs and chanting maybe you should do something else.

Like feed a homeless kid, volunteer at a domestic abuse shelter or help and old person cross the street.  Those are things you can actually do in your community that make a real difference.

You decry the evil that is Trump and then walk around with signs.  You are part of Duh’Merica, embrace it.

(Please comment and tell me how your protests/marches from yesterday did anything, please)


Fifty Shades of…….I Gave Up

Look, for my wife, I was trying to read Fifty Shades of Grey.  I couldn’t get past page 50.  She implored me to at least make it to the sex parts, but I just couldn’t do it.

I’m a man, I get off on actually seeing the tits and pussy, not imagining it.

I only used my imagination when I first hit puberty and the Sears catalog was all I had at my disposal to jerk off to.  Thankfully, those days are long gone.

I honestly tried, but within those first 50 pages, I think there were at least 30 references to Grey’s “long index finger.”

So, I’m guessing he either has a gigantic dong or the author is playing some sadistic trick.  Either way, I couldn’t stick around to find out.

For me it was boring and smelled suspiciously of a Lifetime Channel movie of the week.

To my wife; I still love you, but I just couldn’t do it.

To all the other women out there like my wife who enjoy the book; have fun with that.  I too can’t wait until some movie producer hijacks the Twilight cast to act out this steamy, fuck-fest for everyone to see on the big screen.  Now that I will watch.

Anyway, I just started reading God’s Lunatics by Michael Largo and it appears to be fascinating.

Just my two cents for the day.


The First Honest Dating Profile(NSFW)

(I’m married now and very happy, but there was a time when I was single after divorcing from a 10 year marriage and was roaming around aimlessly in the dating scene.  For me, it was not much fun and I even went on a dating website or two (which was an absolute joke and yes I admit that I did it).

This brings me to what could solve almost every dating issue for single people………..

The Honest Dating Profile (kind of like an alcoholic at his/her first AA meeting):

Hi, my name is Sandy and I’m single.  “Hi Sandy, welcome to the group.”  I’m 32, recently divorced and looking to get out into the dating scene.  Continue reading

The Happy, Feel-Good Post

Throughout my blogging life, I have been accused on multiple occasions of being negative and hateful.  I prefer to think of myself as “realistic” and many of the realities I write about are negative.

Sure, I choose to focus on things that aren’t always pleasant, but that’s real fucking life to me.  I think a major problem plaguing our society is people’s inability to see what is actually real.

I think too many people turn their cheeks on the uncomfortable aspects of life in order to pursue an unrealistic Lifetime Movie life.

Anyway, I digress.

Here are some things make me happy: