the tragic misstep in human evolution (true detective)

“I think human consciousness, is a tragic misstep in evolution.  We became too self-aware, nature created an aspect of nature separate from itself, we are creatures that should not exist by natural law.  We are things that labor under the illusion of having a self; an accretion of sensory, experience and felling, programmed with total assurance that we are somebody, when in fact everybody is nobody.  Maybe the honorable thing for our species to do is deny our programming, stop reproducing, walk hand in hand into extinction, one last midnight, brothers and sisters opting out of a raw deal.” Rust Cohle from True Detective

true-detective-poster-crop-1This was from an earlier episode of True Detective.  And yes, I am addicted to this show.  Some people need their crack, meth or coffee………. I need True Detective.

For me, the above quote is fascinating, is illuminating.  What an interesting way to perceive human consciousness.  Although probably uncomfortable for most to entertain that quote, it holds an incredibly unique thought process.  Continue reading


When Life Changes

“Maturity is a bitter disappointment for which no remedy exists, unless laughter could be said to remedy anything.” Kurt Vonnegut

I realized the other night just how much my life has changed in the past few years.
I’ve always been a sports fan and the College Football National Championship was on the other night.

Juan-Pablo-Bachelor-Contestants-PicturesI fully planned on watching the game rather than anything else that night.

But after about five minutes I realized that my wife and three daughters had coaxed me into watching the Bachelor premiere.

So, instead of watching sports, I was suddenly playing a game of “pick which hooker we want to get the rose.”  It was at this point that I realized my life had drastically changed. Continue reading

Duck Shit Out of Control

DUCK-DYNASTY-FLAGThis duck shit has gotten way out of control.  This was confirmed for me when I scrolled across the “breaking” news headlines on a major news website where Duck Dynasty was second only behind the Russian bombing.

What the hell Duh’Merica?
Then I looked on my personal Facebook page and a friend of mine wrote in regards to the bearded duck redneck, “Although I do not agree with what he said, I believe in his freedom to say it without censure.  It is, after all, what our troops are fighting for.”

I was satisfied with the first part of that quote, but the second part is absolute propaganda bull shit.

I guess people really believe that our troops are still fighting for our freedom.  Freedom from what?  We are already free, have been for quite a while now.

It still amazes me that so many Duh’Mericans still believe that we are freedom fighting in the middle east. Continue reading

The Whore Gimmick

I’ve been going through my computer and found something I wrote back when Tiger Woods and Jesse James were fucking every woman on the planet.  I’m posting it because it applies nicely to our current society, just insert any celebrity name and the shoe fits.

I noticed that there are tons of groups on Facebook dedicated to calling Jesse James a dick and bashing Tiger Woods.

Thanks to Tiger and Jesse, we now have a new epidemic sweeping the land that I like to call The Whore Gimmick.”  What is it you ask?  Simple, I will explain.

Not only is America the home of the free land of the brave, but it’s also now the home of where any whore can use her tits and pussy to make a quick buck.

Not that being a whore is some new concept, it’s just finally popular and socially acceptable now.   Thank you TMZ, thank you Entertainment Tonight, thanks to every popular web-blog out there who gives these sluts an avenue for making money.

Personally, if I were Tiger or Jesse, I would sue the whores I fucked who are now making money off their dicks for half of the proceeds they make from going public. Continue reading

Hey Oprah

Shit, that’s not Oprah….

Hey Oprah– Give it up, nobody gives a shit about you anymore.  You have your own network, wow, very impressive.

Impressive until you actually gave Rosie O’Donnell a show on it.  Thanks though for actually realizing just how shitty O’Donnell is and for cancelling her show.

Hey Oprah– your fat, your skinny, your dieting, your fat again, your skinny again.  Who gives a fuck about what you shove in your mouth?

If I had a sixteenth the money you have, I would eat Philly Cheese steaks for breakfast and chase them with mayonnaise milk shakes.

Just admit it…… like to eat food, a lot of food.  It’s ok, you are a good American.


Hey Oprah– are you really fucking that guy Stedman who lives in your guest house or is he really just a front for you to hide the fact that you enjoy licking O’Donnell’s snatch every night?

Come on, tell the truth, no one would really be surprised.  I’m guessing that’s the blackmail she used to get a show on your network because she’s about as interesting and funny as rectal cancer.

Hey Oprah– The only way I would watch your show again is if you have Geraldo Rivera on, shave his mustache while playing naked Twister with him, put the stache clippings on an extra large slice of pizza and feed it to Jay Leno while he tries to asphyxiate himself with a Doritos bag.

Hey Oprah– I really don’t hate you.  I just hate the depraved culture that created you.

It’s not your fault and to tell the truth, if I were you, I probably would be doing the same thing.  But I’d be way cooler and controversial.

The Plague of Misguided Confidence

“With realization of one’s own potential and self-confidence in one’s ability, one can build a better world.”
Dalai Lama (Head of the Dge-lugs-pa order of Tibetan Buddhists, 1989 Nobel Peace Prize, b.1935)

There is a troubling plague that has been running rampant throughout America for years now and it’s truly driving me insane.

Ebola?  Smallpox? Aids? Avian Flu? Swine Flu?   Nope, the plague is called; MISGUIDED CONFIDENCE.

Since you asked, the Plague of Misguided Confidence is really very simple to explain.  It’s a plague that was started and continues to be perpetuated by PARENTS.

It happens when parents are too scared to tell their children when they suck at something.

For example, all those kids on the first couple episodes of American Idol who can’t sing, but think they can= MISGUIDED CONFIDENCE.

For example, all those pageant kids who aren’t cute and have shitty attitudes= MISGUIDED CONFIDENCE.

Worst American Idol Auditions

Life is a zero-sum game, which means that there are winners and losers.  It’s better to be honest and realistic with your children than to support them with misguided confidence.  Continue reading