As Queer as a Football Bat (American Sports)

I was an athlete for many years and I enjoy the entertainment value of sports.  But, something has always intrigued me about the overt homosexual elements presented within athletics.

In America, sports are more highly regarded than almost every other element of society.  Most of our children grow up wanting to be a professional athlete and most parents are more than willing to help them attempt to make that dream come true.

For the exception of the WNBA, homosexuality and American athletics does not mix.  I was an athlete for years and I can tell you firsthand that being gay in locker room is about as comfortable as eating a cactus sandwich.

Why then is America alright with their superstar, male athletes doing the following things:
1.    Smacking another teammate on the ass after he makes a good play.  (When is this ever considered not-gay?)
2.    A quarterback placing his hands under the center’s anus as he awaits the hiking of the “ball.” (Let’s see here; guys hand touching another guys taint and ball sack, WOW) Continue reading



I was working in Miami the past few days and I witnessed some incredible cultural phenomenon.

The Miami Heat were playing for the NBA championship and everyone, I mean everyone, in Miami had a gigantic hard on…………even the women for this event.

I was eating dinner at my hotel bar and casually watching the game.  A huge crowd gathered as the Heat began to destroy Oklahoma.

I was amazed at how so many people were transfixed on watching a sporting event.

These people were living and breathing every dribble, every shot and every move the Heat made.  There were cheers, boos, laughter almost every minute.

And then I thought to myself, HOLY SHIT, these people are ridiculously excited about dudes throwing a round ball into a basket.  Yep, I’m breaking it down to a base level that everyone should think about.  Continue reading

Racism; A White Boy’s Perspective

As real as it gets, enjoy:

Cracker, nigger, spic, wet-back, slant-eye, porch-monkey, honky, etc., you get the picture. I think it’s time that we all, no matter what ethnicity we are, laugh racism directly in its face. I am as white as a white person can be.

My Scottish-Irish skin doesn’t tan, I have tons of freckles, a red goatee, I can’t run fast, I dance poorly and I grew up in a good neighborhood. But does that mean I don’t understand racism? No, it doesn’t.

Background: My mother was raised in south Georgia, my father was raised in Florida. I grew up in Bradenton, Florida which is on the west coast between Tampa and Sarasota. Florida is a diverse state, so as a child I was exposed to many different types of people. I was fortunate to grow up around whites, blacks, Hispanics, Greeks, Italians and other groups of people.

By the way, I am not going to refer to black people as African-American. I think that’s ridiculous. I have no problem with people taking pride in their heritage, but I’m not going to run around calling myself a Euro-American because I’m not from Europe, my ancestors were. I think you get my point.

My mother grew up racist and terrified of black people. I refer to her as a “silent-racist” because she will never be racist to anyone’s face, but she will lock the doors in her car the second she sees a black person walking near her. While my dad didn’t grow up racist, he’s full on now because he watches Fox News to often. Continue reading