religion & Bradentucky Man

Bradentucky Man and religion, it’s a hoot


houseBradentucky Man don’t dig on religion……. don’t dig on religion of any kind.  I’m a reasonable man and god/gods just lacks reason.

The damn universe is so big we don’t even know how big it really is.  At least that’s what the scientists say.  And them scientists are way smarter than me.

But I’ve read that some people don’t really believe in science.  That freakin’ baffles me.

Generally, I’m Republican all the way, but I have to separate from my man Trump and Pence when it comes to God.  There ain’t no God, give me a break.

If there was a God, then why did he let all them Catholic priests molest little boys????  Exactly, makes no sense.  How about all them little kids dying from cancer????  Exactly, makes no sense.

Damn, if there is a God, he’s a real Son of a Bitch.

Sure I can’t prove God ain’t…

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STOP F***ing praying

prayerPlease, I implore you….. please stop praying.  If you haven’t noticed, it aint fucking working.

“God works in mysterious ways.” 

Wow, he certainly does. So far his mysterious ways should lead any coherent person to ask God the following:

“Just what the fuck are you waiting on.  I mean shit, we’ve been praying our asses off and you just seem to be napping.  Oh, I’m sorry father, I have faith in you.  I shouldn’t question your omniscient graceful hand.”

With each new mass killing of innocent people; the prayers ramp up, the social media profile pictures change and people everywhere blabber about change.

But guess what?  Nothing…… fucking……changes.  Your prayers are only useful for helping you feel better about yourself.  Prayer does nothing tangible.  It never has and it never will.

As long as people continue to be less educated, less informed and angry, none of this shit will change.

But don’t worry, Tim Tebow and Scott Baio will be speaking at the Republican National Convention……….. all of our troubles will be solved.

Dooky Jesus

I saw an image yesterday
and it was Jesus

I kid you not
I had eaten at Taco Bell again
my stomach was tangled in a billion groaning knots

I sat down
On my lush porcelain seat
With the calm water below

One King Kong push, I wiped the sweat from my brow
I looked down like I always do
And there he was,
Crown of thorns and all
Swimming peacefully underneath

I jumped to get my camera, forgetting to wipe
When I got back
He was gone,
just like that

So I flushed

He let me down again

Your Reality

(I wrote this a while ago during the first season of True Detective.  I feel it is relevant still)


“What’s it say about life?  You got to get together, tell yourself stories that violate every law of the universe, just to get through the god damn day, what’s that say about your reality?” Chole, from HBO’s True Detective

HBO's "True Detective" Season 1 / Director: Cary FukunagaTrue Detective is becoming one of my new favorite shows.  I’m truly fascinated by Mathew McConaughey’s character Chole. 

I am captivated by the above quote.  When I was a child, I remember being dragged to church by my mother on many occasions.  I remember sitting in the pew and silently observing everyone around me.  That quote resonates deeply within me because those were some of the feelings I had at an early age, but was never quite able to express those feelings to anyone.

I think I was an atheist at an early age, but didn’t quite realize it then.  For years I battled with believing and not believing. 

I read the Bible quite a bit when I was younger and with each passage I read, the less I believed.  For me, the Bible provided enough information for me to not believe in God. Continue reading

Religion Lost

I feel as if I am always “forthcoming
a work in progress
a discoverer of

nothing quite important enough
to classify my being

I tried
but I choked on the communion
that stale wafer clamored down my throat like a Slinky on stairs
I remember that commercial

But at least
the Slinky fits in my hand
And I know it is real.

Without Faith…..

“Without faith, there is no life.” – random bumper sticker

I saw this while in traffic the other day. For me, this is so incredibly wrong and it’s a flat out lie.

faith-firm belief in something for which there is no proof (

I feel good everyday I wake up and live for many purposes.  I fail to see the logic in blindly believing in something just because someone told to me to.

I guess bumper stickers help people forget reality and make them feel better about not questioning this life we live.  Or maybe I just don’t have any faith.