Duh’Merica (a poem for the masses)

selfieDuh’Merica……. in order to escape your own sad realities, you peer into the television and watch the pathetic, invented “realities” of people you wish you could be.  it’s so easy to fall into the couch while letting the mountain dew drip down and wet your cheetoh-stained chin

you wake up every day, go to the job you hate,  work for people you despise, to collect the check that pays for the beer first and rent second.  the buzz keeps everything numb and near the back of your vapid mind

you tweet what you think are clever quips and sit on the edge of the toilet seat waiting for someone to “favorite” the line, oh-to be loved by random internet friends who live in other worlds so far away from yours Continue reading


Kreativ Blogger Award

A special thanks to Onlyspartanwomen for nominating me via Disfuctional Unit, I truly appreciate it and especially like how you described me:

TheSandyTongue-This blog is not for everyone.  It’s pretty raunchy.  He uses a lot of profanity.  He is not politically correct.  He’s an atheist (I think).  Every once in a while he feels compelled to do a product endorsement for some toiletry he puts on his crotch.  So who, do you ask, is the Sandy Tongue for? 

Mainly anyone who’s a sucker for people who are unapologetically compelled to speak their truth, not for shock value, but because they are sincerely expressing their uncensored opinion with the expectation that there are at least a few grown ups in the world who understand you don’t have to separate your friends and enemies along the lines of those who always share your viewpoint and those who don’t. 

I definitely do not always agree with the opinion spoken by the The Sandy Tongue (although often I do), but I appreciate the different points of view he brings to the table.  Most of the time he’s pretty funny.  Sometimes he’s downright hysterical.

Seven things that people may not know about me: Continue reading

Tagging, my first attempt

Alright, so I’ve been tagged by a few people, which I greatly appreciate.  I apologize for taking so long to reply, but I’ve had to travel a lot for work lately and have kids to feed.  So here goes my first attempt at this.  If I left someone out who has tagged me, I do apologize, I’m not very organized and get lost on the internet frequently.  I mean no disrespect.

Some of my favorite blogs:

http://aspoonfulofsuga.wordpress.com/ : wonderful, insightful, incredible life perspective, extraordinarily creative, inspirational

http://pigeonheartponderings.wordpress.com/  : all around cool as hell, extremely intelligent, quirky, kick ass advice

http://howtodateboys.wordpress.com/ : unique story teller and amazing commentator of dating “boys”, quite funny

http://retrorambling.wordpress.com/: TidiousTed, very cool retro blog posts

http://retrorambling.wordpress.com/:  Some quick, cool posts

1. What’s the best thing that happened to you in the last 36 hours? I ate some Southwest Egg Rolls at Chilis.  They are magical.

2. What are your pet peeves?  Old people who pass gas in public, old people who get in my way, old people who smell.  Pretty much most old people.  I live in Florida, it’s gets very fucking annoying dodging the elderly every day. Continue reading