Here’s why you shouldn’t vote for Roy Moore


Vote for me and my six-shooter…….

Dear Alabamians, today is the day for you to show the entire country exactly how backwards you are.

It’s incredibly difficult to find out whether all the sexual abuse allegations are true, so let’s make it easy.  I want all you Alabama voters to just throw that out the door.  Yep, forget it all together.

Why???  Because Roy Moore’s beliefs/statements are so insane he gives you a plethora of other valid reasons NOT to vote for him.  Read the full article on Politico below:

The 7 most inflammatory things Roy Moore has said

Here’s a quick summary of some of his beliefs:

  1. He believes that Obama was not born in the United States.
  2. He believes that 911 was caused because God was mad at the United States because of gays, sodomy and abortion.
  3. He thinks that the “providential hand of God” put Trump in the White House.

Do you really need any more reason not to vote for Moore?  Most reasonable people understand that Moore is a religious lunatic.  But then again, we are talking about Alabama here.

If I were a betting man, I would bet the house that Moore does win.  If you’ve ever been to Alabama you would fully understand.

Thanks a lot Duh’Merica, we deserve this asshole.


My Future World

When I was a child I enjoyed watching the Jetsons.  I always dreamed that there would be flying cars like on the show.

To my disappointment,  that hasn’t happened yet and I’m already in my future world.

Then after the Jetsons, I was a fan of the Back to the Future movies.  I’m still waiting for hovering skate boards to be invented.

To my disappointment, that hasn’t happened either and I’m still in my future world.

So, in the interest of reality, I have stopped dreaming of flying cars and hovering skateboards.  I’m tired of being disappointed about what’s not going to be in my future world.

Instead, I now choose to look at my next future world with more realistic expectations.  My childhood imagination has been replaced with a much less grandiose view of what may come my way.

I think our future world will be more like the movie Minority Report.  There will be adverts floating in the air in front of your eyes as you pass by places of business.  Continue reading