A hipster solves America’s gun problem

Dear America, I can’t stand it any longer; Orlando, Baton Rouge and now Fort Myers. When will the madness end, you may ask? Well, I can answer that for you. Since my early hipster days in middle school I championed an incredible idea. An idea so ahead of its time I was often laughed at […]

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a real Hipster love story….

hipster-tash_3046941bIf you want a break from the idiocy that is Duh’Merica, go visit my other blog.  It’s a terrific Hipster love story.

It’s the story of Jude the Hipster, his love Clemmy and his arch nemesis Billy Fucking Emo.

Hipster love is stinky, vintage, ironic and absolutely fucking hilarious.

Oh, and I forgot to mention, it’s probably going to be picked up by Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime very soon.  (Author’s note: yes, the above statement is extraordinary wishful thinking, but hey, it could happen.)

Here are a couple of my favorite bits, I promise you will laugh:

Face in the Pillows- Hipster Sex

Jude the Hipster’s Letter to Kayne

The Swim Off- Jude battles Billy Emo


hipster stories (i promise you will laugh)

coupleIf you like hipsters and/or making fun of hipsters, please visit my other blog.

It’s a love story between Jude, Clementine and Billy Fucking Emo. I promise you will laugh:








I’m ready for this to be produced for television or Netflix.  Please put me in touch with a producer.  This hispter love story needs to be on.