Thug Question (when in Miami)

blackguyI travel a bit for my job and end up working in the Miami, FL area a few times each month. I usually work around and in the not so nice areas of Miami though.

I don’t get to frolic with the rich and famous or cruise South Beach drooling over the hot Latin women wearing thongs.

But that’s ok with me, I enjoy the “normal” elements of life and not the airbrushed Maserati lifestyle down here.

I’ve worked over here hundreds of times and I have one important question I need help with:  Why do some many ghetto-fabulous black guys walk around holding their dicks?

Now, don’t scream racism.  I’m simply asking a question about something I have observed many, many times. (Please read my other posts before you call me a racist.  I ridicule all races equally).

Just today I watched a guy walking down the street dressed in long jean shorts, a wife beater and his hand gripped on his dick.  I mean shit, I understand the stereotype that black men have huge dicks, but I didn’t realize they were so well endowed that they had to hold them while walking. Continue reading