Scenes from a Waiting Room

Act I. (the elderly)
Old, musty ass wrinkled seniors wearing bad track suits, their lifeless, aged skin scarred with purple gum colored splotches hanging from their bones like loose sleeves,
a cell phone rings deep inside a purse underneath the dentures and coupons, by the time the old lady realized it was ringing, silence

Act II. (the soccer mom)
Frost dyed hair, way too tight Hollister shirt, tight faded jeans with pocket designs, elastic fake tits shaped into perfect round globes, husband at work banging his secretary who has even faker tits, but younger body
wife doesn’t care as long as she gets Starbucks 3 times daily,the phat mommy suburban with the cutesy family stickers on the back window showing how many people are in the family, the glowing quarter sized diamond earrings and the trips to Vail, easy to have no soul than to deal with reality

Act III. (the salesmen)
Bad cuff links that even gay dudes wouldn’t wear, fake ass smile accompanied by even faker greetings, slick gelled guido-like hair stuck to their scalps with paste, belts crushed by doughnut stomachs,
calling names like cattle and branding the innocents with fees

Act IV. (me)
Three freaking hours waiting for tires, brought a Bukowski book, could only imagine what he would have thought
I couldn’t stop staring, couldn’t finish reading, couldn’t play games on my cell phone, I just kept watching the train wreck evolve with every new person who came into the waiting room, no blood or body parts, crap.


11 thoughts on “Scenes from a Waiting Room

  1. Learned who Bukowski is/was two years ago when I was trolling around the Documentaries in YouTube; totally understood him; wasn’t a long enough doc..i actually grinned when he kicked the shit out of his girlfriend as they sat on their couch during a portion of the interviewing process for the film. It was the only time he ever did such a thing, but it happened during a, “fuck you” moment because she was still pissed about something that was long gone and wouldn’t let it go. It didn’t help none that she was antagonizing him while he was trying to enjoy his cannabis & Merlot. The man was probably the most underrated literary genius of his lifetime. Now “The Loss of Nameless Things”..I watched it enitrely, but was disappointed to learn that someone so gifted could be so idiotic. egotistical I can understand, but excuse.

  2. @James: I like a lot of Bukowski’s stuff, but it makes me a bit sad that he struggled so much with the drinking, but that struggle probably helped him write so brilliantly. When I was in school, we were never taught about him, that was a shame.

    @mrmary: Factotum of course, thanks.

    @Emily: BINGO, I do live in the Florida suburbs. You mean to tell me that people outside of Florida are different? (sarcasm)

  3. yo, I’m in this blogging business since yesterday, and I also wanna read other peoples blogs, but I spent probably five or six hours trying to find something good cause I don’t wanna follow some fake ass smart ass dreamers just so they follow me back, so here I am, just found a blog that I really wanna follow, but there’s no follow button??? wtf man???

    or is there some other way to do it?

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