Red, White and Boo (a poem)

I see your Katie Perry

And I raise you Beyonce.

What ever happened to real art, like the Fat Boys?

Now, just splendid drivel cascading from the youthful mouth

Texting, sexting, pursed lips and Jersey Shore dreams.

Find China on a map? Fuck You, I’m getting my nails done at 3.

Be careful young ones, the noodles and puppy nuggets are coming to a store near you.

I see your E Hollywood News

And raise you Dancing With the Stars.

Posting every mundane bit of your daily shit for all to see

Facebook, Twitter, MySpace your freaking life away

My eyes, dried and burnt from your “Do you like me?” poll.

Keep your pom poms clean and your cell phone charged.

I see your De-evolution

And go all in with your soul

Shouldn’t be difficult to call my bet

You are another failed demographic, another vapid target market.


6 thoughts on “Red, White and Boo (a poem)

  1. totally on point! did you see the saturday night live skit 2 weeks ago: “You can do anything” ? Based on the above post, it was a parody I think you would enjoy. If there is any joy to come out of the unfortunate truths in your creative posts above. What IS happening to people?

  2. @canpeople: thanks for commenting, I appreciate it. I did see that skit, it cracked me up. I think people are de-evolving.

    @holly: thanks for stopping by, I’m glad you enjoyed it. I will definitely check out your link.

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