Mandatory Sterilization (Yep, I said it)

I am a proponent of mandatory sterilization and here is why: (my true feelings mixed with some humor)

I believe that some people should not be allowed to breed.  For example, a while ago a mother left her two infant children alone in a bath tub while she was outside on her patio surfing the web.

Solution easy– tie her tubes, she shouldn’t be allowed to have any more children and take the one surviving child away from her.

Any time a mother or father does something this stupid, they should lose their breeding privileges and they should be sterilized.  Why should they be allowed the potential to harm any more children?  Makes no sense to me.

I mean when someone gets a few DUI’s or speeding tickets, the government takes your license away.  Why not sterilize then?  If a parent makes 2 idiotic life threatening mistakes in respect to their children, bring out the scalpel.

“But I didn’t think little Skeeter would get hurt if I locked him inside the house with my 3 pit bulls while I was out buying lotto tickets and getting another case of Natural Lite Ice, he is 3 years old now.”

Sorry dip-shit, put your feet in the stirrups, it’s time to get neutered.

I know what you are thinking…….“but surely there will be opposition from the people you are wanting to sterilize.”

Of course there will be opposition, but that’s an easy fix.  All you have to do is offer them cases of Mountain Dew, Benson & Hedges cigs, barrels of ranch dressing, gift certificates to Dollar General, or free tanning coupons.  That should do the trick.

“I didn’t know that if I left Betty Lou locked in the car while I ran into Cato looking for stirrup pants that she could get injured.  I mean I even turned the car off and rolled up the windows so as to make sure the engine didn’t make her hot.  It was only 95 degrees out.  I really needed them stirrup pants anyhow, I had to try on 4 pairs, I was only gone 45 minutes.”

Sorry miss, put your feet in the stirrups, it’s time to harvest your uterus.

Seriously, there are plenty of people who shouldn’t be allowed to breed.  Sterilization seems like a great idea to me.  Any thoughts??


18 thoughts on “Mandatory Sterilization (Yep, I said it)

  1. Agreed. Natural Selection is in place to prevent stupid, inept people from breeding and we’ve effectively removed this fail safe. Now, all the Natural Ice drinkers are continuing to breed and pushing more inept, ignorant children into the population. Something has to be done or moomoo’s and sponge rollers will be the national uniform.

  2. As a labor and delivery nurse, I’ve thought this. Here’s my issue: It’s a slippery slope. Forcing sterilization on one person opens the door to sterilization on other people for less serious reasons. It’s a scary road to start down. I’m not saying I disagree with your point (I’ve seen enough poor parenting in my career to lodge a good argument in favor of it), I’m just saying it can get tricky when you open the door.

  3. I was having this conversation before…where we would we draw the line? Who consists of bad parents, because they feed their children hot dogs for dinner? Or what about the ones that use corporal punishment? Or ones that are poor and Black? Let’s sterilized the disabled or mentally ill too. Who would be making these decisions, the ones on top of course….

    • That’s the difficult part. I don’t think it could ever happen. Economics and race would have nothing to do with the selection process, that’s insignificant in terms of being an idiot. Being an idiot crosses all races. I would love to head the committee who determines who is sterilized. I would start with rapists, murderers, child molesters, etc. I think castrating Casey Anthony who murdered her daughter, or a priest who destroyed a boy’s life by sodomizing him, would be a good start. I don’t think they should ever be allowed to breed on this planet.

      • But yeh that,s the thing if YOU were heading that committee…that would be the criteria, but we don’t know the biases of the people who’s want to lead that committee….and last I check Ms. Anthony was declared innocent by our justice system so you wouldn’t have any basis to sterilize her.

      • But see, the committee would be able to overrule such poor judicial decisions; like Anthony, O.J., etc. So, do you really think it’s good for our society for Anthony to have more children??? It wouldn’t be about biases, it would be about common sense. Punishing idiocy is 100% unbiased, in my biased opinion:) I will sort it all out in 2016 when I become President.

      • Sigh….she’s declared innocent. She did nothing wrong except lie and improperly disposed of a corpse (according to the law). Anyway, if a pregnant woman was jogging and she tripped and had a miscarriage should we sterilize her for her negligence? And what if the entire committee is made up of “so call” idiots? You’re beating a dead horse.

  4. Never going to happen (unfortunately). This train left the station with the end of the Progressive Era (and some say, the defeat of the Nazis).

  5. IMHO; in my perfect universe a certain subset of these “some people” would not be allowed to continue to exist.

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