Duh’Merica (a poem)

DUH’merica, what have you done?

While you parade the streets in gas guzzling suburbans, there are soldiers dying around the world trying to kill dark-skinned people after taking orders from fat, pasty-white politicians who only care about their offshore bank accounts.

DUH’merica, why don’t you care?

That our children have difficulty finding China on a map, but they can update their Facebook status perfectly while crossing a busy city street without getting splattered in traffic.

DUH’merica, why can’t you turn it off?

The Kardashians, TMZ, The Bachelor, American Idol, America’s Got Talent sift through the minds of our youth like a slow, neurotoxin eating them from the inside out.

DUH’merica, why don’t you understand?

That each person should be able to live their life in peace without others telling them who they can kiss, touch or fuck.

DUH’merica, it’s time to reboot….

Don’t you realize that the more technologically advanced we become, the easier it is to sit on the couch and have our Cheetohs and Mountain Dew delivered to us while resting the remote on our gigantic stomachs?

DUH’merica, China is winning and the grand experiment may soon be ending, but at least we can all read about it on Twitter exactly as it happens.


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