your definition (a poem)

  • can I slide my hand

    you know, down there?

    I want to be your high school quarterback

    Your prom king, your blond, crew cut stud

    Be my cheerleader

    all innocent and shit

    flip your hair again

    I want to defile you

    and look up to see the bottom

    of the cold, aluminum bleachers

    Feel your strangled whisper breathing on my neck

    while your friends giggle in the hallways

    point their plastic fingers during lunch

    I want to cum fast

    you won’t care,

    cheeks reddened and flush and your jaw shaking


    I would flip you over

    send you on your way, wading through

    the popcorn wrappers, discarded football programs

    shards of dirt-stained pizza crust

    Out into the light

    Then you will know your definition


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