Donald (an elitist) President

trumpeliteSadly, I’ve always enjoyed how Republicans and Democrats argue with each other.

I’m fascinated with how each side shapes their arguments against the other.

One of the most common criticisms I’ve heard repeated over the years by Republicans of Democrats is, “So tired of the liberal elitists who can’t relate to the common man.”

So, I find it quite interesting that during the entire election and presently, all the disdain for “elitists” has faded into the Right-Wing abyss.

Why is that you may ask?

Shot in the dark here…………..maybe because Trump is an elitist????

Well, he is and that really can’t be argued.

Private boarding school at New York Military Academy, a graduate of Wharton, he took over his family real estate business in 1971………..

That upbringing doesn’t exactly scream of a man with the “calloused” hands of someone who actually touched a shovel or cleaned a toilet once in a while.

This is another example of what cracks me up with American politics and Duh’Merica.  Stop kidding yourself……. the far left and the far right are not two separate groups.

They may be two different types of shit, but they both smell exactly the same.


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