Did Tony Fuck Angela?

(A while ago I had a gmail blogger account and posted this.  One of my favorite poets,Misti Rainwater-Lites posted a nice comment about it.  Sure it could have been a Misti imposter, but I like to tell myself it was really her.)

I keep asking myself the question………… Did Tony ever fuck Angela? I want to know, I want to know badly. If he did, I think it would have gone  something like this:

Tony approached her right after he finished vacuuming the drapes. She had probably just returned home from a hard day of work at her advertising agency. She was standing by the door teasing her Grayish-streaked hair, almost inviting him to taste her middle-aged grapes.

“Hey Angela, you are looking pretty hot standing there by the door. Why don’t you come a little closer so I can fuck you up the ass,” Tony would quip.

“Oh Tony, you are so boorish, so Italian, so ruggedly…………….. what time is dinner,” Angela would blush and retreat to the kitchen.

Then Mona would enter the room, arm entwined with a an old drunk who resembled Bukowski. Tony and Angela could both smell the sex on her breath as she paraded around the room with the misguided confidence only shared by Blanche from the Golden Girls.

“Hey Mona, I was just trying to fuck Angela up the ass, why don’t you scram. You know I used to be a professional baseball player,” Tony would say.

Angela was becoming seriously horny now and gestured for Tony to follow her up the stairs. As they ascended into sitcom heaven, Samantha walked in the front door looking all cute and shit and asked, “What are you doing?” (little did she know at the time that she would later be starring in B-Movies and poorly written Lifetime movies).

“Oh nothing, I’m just going to shampoo Angela’s carpet,” Tony would wink as he patted Angela on the ass.

Once in the bedroom, Tony the Italian Stallion seriously rocked Angela’s world. Just as Angela was about to climax, Jonathan jumped out of the closet with a video camera and said in his oddly queer little voice, “Hey mom, hey Tony, I’m doing a school project about the birds and the bees. Does this mean you are my daddy now?”

SCENE: fade into theme music


10 thoughts on “Did Tony Fuck Angela?

  1. I think towards the end of the series they were in a relationship when he became some big time college baseball coach . Aside from that awesome!!! Mona always turned my stomache. She looked like the crypt keeper. I liked how you introduced the marginal characters into this. Maybe we cna tag team and do other sitcoms there are some other mysteries waiting to be solved like Did Willis subsequently break Kimberly off some of the meat pipe ? Did Dee ever give it up to Rerun because she was a grimy bitch and no man was gonna put up with that ? Btw I think after finally winning the battle Lion-O skull fucked Mum-Ra

  2. thanks for stopping by and reading and commenting, I appreciate it. Mona was indeed nasty, there is nothing sexually appealing about her unless you are over 65. I love the old sitcoms and would like to write a couple more. I think Rerun ran through the whole cast. I think he definitely pushed Dee’s face right into the pillow.

  3. What about the little robot girl in Small Wonder? I want to know about robot sex! Why didn’t they let her go through puberty and make a “very special episode” where some boy at school taught her what goes down here on earth?

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