Ben Carson- WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Come on Trump, are you fucking kidding me? This appointment is baffling to me.

Please help me understand how a retired Neurosurgeon is qualified to run the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Shot in the dark here, I’m going to attempt to get inside the brain of Trump:

“Well, Benny boy is incredibly smart (he’s BLACK), he’s super accomplished (he’s BLACK), and he cares about community (he’s BLACK and probably either knows or is related to a lot of black people in the ghetto.)  He will absolutely do a wonderful job.” From inside the mind of our President-Elect

Good lord, we have four years of this shit?  I thought China had already beaten us, but now I know that they have lapped us twice.  Thanks a lot Duh’Merica, I guess we will be eating Golden Retriever and low mien sooner than I expected.


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