More Clinton emails…(they reveal a vast, international conspiracy)

35017-hillary_busted_emails_crime_ringSadly, more Clinton emails have been released and it’s not pretty.  According to,  the latest batch reveals what most people have been expecting….

The emails show that Hillary is and has always been a politician.  And like nearly all politicians, she’s done everything she could do to further her own self interests.

The latest release also shows that Hillary was/is involved in a vast international conspiracy with other bad and mean people throughout the world.  Those mean people are very scary and like to do bad things to good people, frequently.

In other news:  According to, as soon as tomorrow, Donald Trump will be appointing L. Ron Hubbard as director of the Department of Religion.  Although thought to be dead, Hubbard actually reincarnated himself as himself in order to take the position.

Thanks for reading and clicking Duh’Merica.  You make me more proud each day.


(Important note: this is not a real news story.  This is simply an experiment.  I’ve become fascinated with fake news stories and how gullible, how idiotic, how lazy Duh’Mericans have become.  I’m floored that millions of people believe shit like this and actually share these types of stories on their social media accounts.  But then again, we are Duh’Merica.)


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