Trump is brilliant(read entire post)

trumpnoseDonald Trump truly is brilliant.  Although the level of brilliance necessary to fool Duh’Merica isn’t exactly very high.

I think it’s safe now for everyone to realize and admit that Trump is indeed a true politician.  During his campaign, he claimed to be a political outsider and someone who will “drain the swamp” of D.C. insiders.

And his first order of business after winning the election would be to go after Hilary.

His inbred followers nearly jizzed in their pants when he said those things.  I mean it was like he offered unlimited Mountain Dew and 100 free trips to Golden Corral for all his Trumpers if they voted for him.

But alas, almost everything he said he was going to do………….. wait for it…………… ISN’T GOING TO FUCKING HAPPEN.

So after all you dumb-fucks voted for him, guess what?????

  • He said he will not pursue any charges against Hilary- OOPS, so much disappointment. 
  • He even admitted that there may be a connection between humans and global warming- OOPS, he previously pretended that global warming was invented by China.
  • He declared he would abolish Obama Care. OOPS- he now states that many parts of the plan will be kept.
  • All the people on his transition team and all the people he’s interviewing for cabinet positions are either lobbyists or career politicians. OOPS- so much for “draining that swamp.”

The only swamp he drained was the vacant one between the ears of all those who voted for him.  Thanks a lot Duh’Merica.  Donald Trump was brilliant without even having to break a sweat.

Duh’Merica was more than ready to believe Trump and believe and share all those fake internet “news” stories quicker than you could run to your local tanning beds.

Trump supporters- what say you about your President-Elect now?  How can you justify his lies????

Here’s your answer- he’s nothing more than a FUCKING Politician.  They are all the same.  Wake the fuck up Duh’Merica……….. never mind, it’s too late.



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