Hamilton, Pence and Duh’Merica

Not surprisingly, this whole Hamiltion/Pence bull shit has gone off the rails for no other reason except that we are Duh’Merica, and that’s what Duh’Merica does best.

Click this link to take a look at the video and read about it

Let me be clear, I am no fan of Clinton and I am no fan of Trump.  I do not support either of them.

I watched the video of the actor addressing Mike Pence at what I believe was the end of the show.  It appeared to me that the actor asked the audience to stop booing.  He then read a prepared statement that seemed incredibly benign to me.

penceBut, Trump/Pence supporters, evangelicals and the far-right lost their collective minds after this.  Trump went directly to Twitter demanding an apology from the cast.

Facebook went crazy with millions of people playing the right against the left and continuing to ruin friendships.  (which, by the way, is fucking ridiculous)

Please keep in mind that Pence actually said that he doesn’t feel an apology from the cast is necessary and that this “is what freedom sounds like.”  Holy shit, kind of scary when Pence sounds more reasonable than Trump.  Mike Pence, the same guy who believes you can “pray the gay away.”

Now, people can argue all they want about whether or not a Broadway play is the right forum to make a statement like that.  But, Pence is a very public figure and I feel like this kind of “goes with the territory.”  Like all politicians, he should always expect a mixed reaction wherever he chooses to go.

Here is what our President Elect tweeted about the incident:

The Theater must always be a safe and special place.The cast of Hamilton was very rude last night to a very good man, Mike Pence. Apologize!

Sorry Donald, but you are acting like a very large baby.  Of all the horrible things you’ve said in your life, things you said during the election and this is what bothers you???  This is what necessitates an apology????

Holy shit, this is going to be a long four years.  Thanks a lot Duh’Merica, you’ve done it again.






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