Duh’Merica loses again (trump)

ct-trump-pence-huppke-20160715I’ve been away for a while, but decided there was no better time than now to return.

I mean holy shit, how can I resist commenting and biggest Duh’Merica movement ever????

The dumb-ass collective, or rather, America, actually elected Donald Fucking Trump and Mike “Pray the Gay Away” Pence.

To be clear, I dislike Trump and Hilary just about equally. For the first time in my life, I left the voting booth feeling like I was just diagnosed with having either HIV or Ebola.  Yes, it was that bad.

But let me digress.  How did this happen?  How in the hell did America elect an internet troll as our President?

It was a combination of things.  Trump is a brilliant marketer of himself.  This fact cannot be debated.  And after all, elections are essentially marketing competitions. He destroyed Hilary by marketing himself to a huge group of Duh’Mericans.

He brilliantly grabbed a hold of an angry and hostile group of people who believed anything that fit their narratives.  Trumpers latched on to any news story on their social media accounts which ridiculed Hilary.  They didn’t care about researching any of the stories for validity and couldn’t share the stories fast enough with their like-minded friends.

Before you knew it, a movement was created.  Trump rode that movement like a virgin fucking a hooker for the first time.  He came in 3 seconds and kept fucking it until that movement was his personal bitch.

Trump was even able to trick Christians into voting for him (insert closeted homosexual running mate Mike Pence).  Many Christians actually justified voting for Trump because they felt that Pence would keep him on straight and narrow.

But don’t be mad Duh’Merica, we deserve this shit show.  After all, we made the Kardashians millionaires and Toddler’s and Tiara’s a hit.

Buckle up and get ready four 4 years of Reality-Presidency.  It’s gonna be fucking great.



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