stop praying for Orlando, please

orlando-tributes-9The shooting in Orlando was an absolute tragedy.

The poor child who was attacked by the alligator and died, also an absolute tragedy.

The singer who was shot and killed signing autographs, that’s another absolute tragedy.

But, for the love of all things rational, please stop praying for these victims.  If you didn’t notice, god was caught napping again.  Apparently he didn’t give a shit about these victims.

“Hey god, where the fuck were you on that one?  I mean you had 3 different tragedies to stop and totally failed.  Well done god.”

So why are you praying?  Because it makes you fell better about yourself?  Because you like to be part of drama?  Because you have nothing else worth while to contribute?

When you change your social media profile picture to an LGBT flag, do you know what that does?  Absolutely fucking nothing.  Absolutely fucking nothing.

Oh yeah and I almost forgot, for all you assholes who posted the story about Chic Fil-A working on Sunday and delivering food to people at the blood drives, fucking spare me.  Their owners still believe that all gay people will burn in eternal hell.

“Here’s your chicken sandwich, sorry you are still going to hell because Leviticus says so.”

I always love when people turn tragedies into right vs. left (sarcasm).

Again, your prayers mean absolutely nothing.  Instead of wasting time praying to your god who doesn’t care, go give blood or volunteer somewhere.  Feed a hungry kid or find something productive to do.  Put your cell phones down and make a real difference.

Well done Duh’Merica, you’ve done it again.

(Personal note: I feel terrible for all the victims and can’t imagine what their families are going through.  It pisses me off how people and the media turn all these events into political rhetoric and how quickly the victims are forgotten.)



2 thoughts on “stop praying for Orlando, please

  1. red flag orlando, this is what does not add up
    all the iphones and no pictures of victims,
    people saying shootings lasted for 1 hr, how many bullets was he carrying?
    witnesses talk about multiple shooters but police say he was alone.
    no cctv evidence.
    all security guards were out side.
    no picture or eye witness of shooter.
    everyone interviewed an actor? or cnn reporter.
    on all youtube videos no ambulances or blood?
    people carrying people towards the club not away.
    wake up this is the govermnent trying to stop you owning guns so they can control you more.

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