gorilla shit out of control (fake outrage)

Even though this entire story is fueled only by fake outrage, I feel compelled to comment.  There is no story here and there should be no issues with anything the zoo did.

Bottom line; a human life (especially a 3 year-old child) is more important than an animal’s life. It wasn’t the child’s fault. The situation doesn’t matter. How the child got in the enclosure does not matter.  Yeah, the mom screwed up and didn’t watch her child as well as she should.  Human life is more important.  If you think otherwise, well, then you are just a fucking idiot.

Oh never mind, the zoo should have let the gorilla kill the kid to teach the mom a lesson (sarcasm).

Yet again, fake outrage again strikes Duh’Merica with a vengeance.  Listen to any qualified person who works with gorillas and they will tell you that the zoo did the right thing.

This is such a cut and dry issue, yet it still is being regurgitated without hope of stopping anytime soon.



One thought on “gorilla shit out of control (fake outrage)

  1. Seriously, next time someone wants to cry over the gorillas life they need to ask themselves, would they still have that view if their closest relative was in that situation? I think not. Morons.

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