Billy Emo Strikes Again


emo_boy_lol_by_edohackDear Hip Pages, (in response to Why American Sniper Didn’t Win)

I was recently saddened to see that you have let a hipster infiltrate your movie review department.

I thought a news organization was supposed to present both sides of a story?? How can you let a smelly, bearded, never bathing Hipster comment on movies without also letting the alternate side write their own review??

As a upstanding member of the Emo community, I implore you to let the Emo side have a voice too. You may not realize it, but there is a constant battle between the Emo and Hipster communities.

I have personally been at war for quite some time with your movie reviewer Hipster Jude. I think by letting me, Billy Emo, provide an alternative view the Hipster Jude’s columns, your readership will probably double in size literally overnight.

Can’t you imagine it? Hipster vs. Emo movie…

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