jude “can’t breathe” an open letter to white america

Nothing like a hipster tackling racism


breathe(Scene: Jude writes a letter to White America, hoping the Hip Page will print it now since he is an employee)

Dear White America,

Although I am white, I KNOW what discrimination is.  I KNOW what racism is.

I feel terrible for all those poor African-American men who have been murdered by the police.  I know exactly how they must have felt.

Being a hipster, I face discrimination on a daily basis.  People walk by me and scowl.  People walk by me holding their noses while they point at me and laugh.  People, especially white jocks, mock my beard, my hair and my superior musical tastes.

But the most difficult discrimination I face is Patchouli Discrimination.  You see White America, I wear patchouli in many different forms; lotions, hair gel, deodorant, etc.  It’s natural, it’s off the earth and it keeps me close to nature.

Just the other day a…

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