the sweet, vicious pit bull

gangster-dog-pitbull-e1374802329339I’ve written about tons of different topics on my blog during my time here.  Some of my posts I feel are better than others.

But, there is one thing I still cannot fully understand:

Why are my pit bull posts so damn popular?  It fucking blows my mind.  As I’ve said in my previous posts many times; I love pit bulls.  They can be wonderful dogs.

But, like anything, when pit bulls are in the care of white-trash assholes and ghetto fabulous dick-bags, things will go awry.  I’m not sure why this is such a difficult concept for people to wrap their brains around.

dog“It’s the owner, not the dog,” some pit bull defenders will say.  That’s just fucking stupid logic.

The difference is that when a pit bull makes a mistake, someone can die.  When a chocolate lab makes a mistake, you get some stitches and heal just fine.

I’ve been ridiculed and threatened many times on here because of my opinions of pit bulls.

Am I really making such a terrible statement?  Am I jumping out of some ridiculous intellectual closet when I suggest that some people shouldn’t be allowed to own pit bulls?

Maybe I should start focusing more on reptile and samurai sword owners and their carelessness.   Oh my bad, that is pretty much the same demographic.


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