stop the madness (billy emo’s mom gets involved)

An emo’s mom intervenes in more hipster madness


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Scene: Clemmy reached out to Billy Emo’s mom in the hopes of her helping stop the feud. She wrote an open letter and read it at Randall’s open mic night. In attendance: Jude, Clemmy, Stefan, Billy Emo, Cindy, various emos and hipsters. Billy Emo’s mother walked gingerly to the mic, her white hair shimmering in the muted lights:

“Thank you for letting me speak to you all tonight. Please be patient, I’m old and can’t hear real well. I wanted to take this time to give a few of you some advice. And by a few, I mean little Billy, the bearded Jude guy and his lovely girlfriend Clemmy. Listen closely……

To little Billy– I remember when you used to not look like a vampire and looked so cute wearing those Izod polo shirts I bought for you at the mall. You had a lovely smile…

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