God in Schools (the end is near)

letter-from-godIn traffic today I saw this bumper sticker:

“Dear God, Why do you let bad things happen in schools?” “Dear Son, I’m not allowed in schools.”

I almost crashed into the back of the car when I read this.  This is the kind of unintelligent, undynamic,  and unoriginal thought that has been and continues to ruin this country.

(Yes, I am aware that undynamic is probably not a word, but I like it)

Maybe I’m the idiot here, maybe I’m the dolt, the blockhead, the bonehead, the meathead, the lunk………..well, you get the idea.

I fail to see any logic with that bumper sticker.  I fail to see any logic at all.

I’m guessing that if kids in school prayed more there would be less teachers sending them texts of their cocks, tits and fucking them in detention.  And I mean true “fucking” in the sexual sense, not “fucking” them as in fucking them out of a decent education.

I’m guessing that if kids in school were taught more about creationism, they could finally understand that dinosaurs probably had saddles so that Adam and Eve would have been able to ride safely out of the garden away from that son-of-a-bitch snake.

I’m guessing that if kids in school were made to read the Bible more often they would realize that homosexuality is an abomination, slavery is sanctioned and an old dude filled a huge boat with pairs of animals to avoid a flood.

I’m guessing that if kids in school were made to worship the Holy Ghost more, they would understand how important it is to be the quarterback and fuck every cheerleader possible.

The same people who believe that God needs to be in schools are the same people who claim that the Founding Fathers founded our country based on God.  They are dead wrong.

Reality, whether you like it or not, is that we are just animals on a planet; eating, shitting, breeding and dying.  Eating, shitting, breeding and dying.

Sadly, most people embrace the ridiculous perception that humans are this super-superior intelligent being, staking claim on Earth and ramming our flag in the heart of “our” universe.

In my world, I’m no different than a dog who lifts his leg up to lick his balls when he gets bored.  The only difference is that I haven’t quite figured out how to bend over that far yet.

(I hope you all get the point to this, if not, tune in to TMZ for your entertainment)


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