Nomination time, cheers

Gold-Bond_Baby-PowderBig thanks to, for the nomination and for always supporting both of my blogs: and You rock hotmess, you rock.

  1. You are allowed 1 item on a deserted island. It must cost less than $5. What do you choose? A travel size bottle of Gold Bond, I’m guessing I will chafe quite badly on a deserted island.  Male, undercarriage hygiene is always important.
  2. Can you tell me a joke?  I drew a cross on my cheek a while back…… I gave up accuracy for lent.
  3. Who is the most famous person you’ve ever met? When I was a kid, I met then Florida Governor Bob Martinez.  This was during the time when he was pissed at 2 Live Crew and their awesomely nasty raps.
  4. Wine? Beer?  or Whiskey? You are allowed to say all 3. Chimay and Jameson, I am a simple man.
  5. For the women: Donald Trump, Wolfe Blitzer, Wayne Newton. For the men: Star Jones, Hillary Clinton, Chelsea Clinton. You have to screw one, marry one and kill one. Go! I’m going to break from the male/female boundaries.  I would put Trump’s face in the pillow and screw him until he cries himself to sleep.  I would marry Chelsea because she has the least used and damaged vagina.  I would kill Star Jones because she is fucking worthless.

7 Quick facts about me:

  1. Aliens: I’m dying for the aliens to come down to earth and take me away to their planet.
  2. Looks: Because of my appearance, when I go to bars people are scared of me, but they have no idea that I have zero energy for fighting and I am extremely polite.
  3. Mandatory Sterilization: I truly believe that some people should not be allowed to breed.
  4. Public Toilets: I have a very real fear of public toilets.
  5. Family: I have two of my own children and two step-children.
  6. Television: I think Trailer Park Boys is one of the funniest shows……..EVER
  7. Music: the Pixies changed my life when I started listening to them in high school.  My favorite band ever.

I nominate the following 7 bloggers:

  1. – Kooky Chic
  2. – New England Nomad 
  3. – Tosha Michelle
  4. – You’ve Been Hooked
  5. – The Shameful Sheep
  6. – All Thoughts Work Outdoors
  7. – Reocochran

 If you would like, please answer the following 7 questions:

  1. Who is your favorite comedian of all time and why?
  2. You can have sex with any star, but it would leave you with an incurable STD, who would you pick?
  3. Have you ever watched Trailer Park Boys?  If not, what the hell is wrong with you?
  4. Would you give Chris Christie a sponge bath for $500?  Why or why not?
  5. Do any of you know any producers who will help my blog become a sitcom or Netflix series?
  6. For the men: Who would you go gay for?  Bradley Cooper, Ryan Gosling or Zach Galifinakis? (I pick Bradley…. oh those eyes)
  7. Earth- round or flat?  Please explain.

Cheers to all.



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