Occupy Randall’s (Part I)

A hipster group occupying a coffee shop.


hipsterScene: Stefan texts Jude about the first protest. Protest takes place at Emo-Hip-Centric Night at Randall’s. It’s a hot, humid, normal Florida summer night.

Stefan’s Text- Jude, Occupy Randall’s 9 PM, bring Clemmy, signs provided, 35 people already confirmed.

Jude immediately called Clemmy and told her to get ready. Having a new ally in his fight filled him with a much-needed excitement.

They both arrived at Randall’s and couldn’t believe what they saw. There were at least 45 hipsters with picket signs, walking in a circle chanting repeatedly in unison, “WHAT DO WE WANT? EMOS TO DIE? WHEN DO WE WANT THEM TO DIE? RIGHT NOW!!!”

Stefan was in the middle of the circle standing on a footstool which elevated him a couple feet above the picketers. He was wearing a velour, mustard orange fedora and a super tight white shirt with the words “Forever Hipster” on it.


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