Trompe le Monde (China wins again)

trompeYes, Trompe le Monde is a Pixies album, a quite good one by the way.  It translates to “Fool the World.”  That’s what truly interests me.  I feel like millions of people are constantly being fooled by the following “stars”:

Beyonce– there really is very little talent here.  Case in point, this lyric from Drunk in Love: “Then I fill up the tub halfway then ride it with my surfboard, surfboard, surfboard.”  It’s a sad notion that those lyrics actually make Lil Wayne appear intellectual.  And I’m not even getting into Jay Z, her husband who looks like a retarded dinosaur.

Kayne“I am Warhol.  I am the No. 1 most impactful artist of our generation.  I am Shakespeare in the flesh.”  Nice quote ASSHOLE. Dear Kayne, all you really did was have a couple of good songs, fucked a girl with a big ass (who had previously fucked a lesser rapper, videotaped it and became Duh’Merica famous) and now you prance around inside your insanely misguided, gigantic ego.  You are what’s wrong with entertainment.  If you need more proof, check out that video with him and Kim on a motorcycle.  kayne

Kardashians– I’m not sure where to begin.  The mom was married to a famous lawyer.  Then she married an Olympic star who decided after years of marriage to her that he wanted to slice his penis in half to make a vagina.  One of her daughters fucks rappers and videotapes it.  Another daughter sucked the life out of a troubled NBA player.  Another daughter………….. pointless.  Please end this ever revolving merry-go-around of makeup, valley girl accents and NO TALENT.

Adam Sandler– he had a few funny moments and a couple of funny movies.  Now he just makes shitty movies so he can travel to cool places like Hawaii and Africa.  His inside jokes are so “inside” that it’s impossible to even find a reason to laugh.  He does seem like a guy I would want to get drunk with.  I guess I should applaud him for taken full advantage of Duh’Merica.

Each one of the above is a perfect example of Trompe le Monde.  It’s almost like all the Duh’Mericans united in a pool of their own drippy saliva and decided to be fooled all at once.  Hey Duh’Merica, keep lacing their pockets with money, thanks for keeping the talent-less relevant.  China wins again.




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