the good life

“I’m looking in… on the good life I might be… doomed never to find.” new slang by the shins

Each time I listen to that song that one line resonates deeply for me.  I think we’ve all been at a point in our lives when we’ve been looking for some place where we’d rather be.

Our current circumstances may seem so unbearable, so intolerable that we wander down the street looking for that better life.  We peer through the window of the family with the seemingly perfect life.  The family with the big car, the bright diamonds, the Rolex and the glaring smiles.

Then hopefully you realize what a crock of shit that is.  That smiling family is usually more fucked up than you.  The husband gave the wife herpes.  The Rolex is fake.  They are still paying for the diamond at 25% interest and they sleep in different rooms.

Perspective is an incredible concept to understand.  I’m 40 now and it took me a damn long time to figure out the beauty of perspective.

All those wasted years I spent looking for that good life almost doomed me.  Almost.


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