Jude meets with Cindy (the new tattoo)

Billy F***ing Emo is taking over, poor Hipster Jude


Image from: www.poponthepop.com Image from: http://www.poponthepop.com

Scene: After the Billy Emo hair buzzing incident at Randall’s, Jude’s manager Cindy texted him to come in for a meeting ASAP.

Cindy- I called you in today because of the “event” that took place the other night.

Jude (acting bewildered) What “event” are you speaking about?

Cindy (getting angry)- Are you kidding me Jude??? I watched the video surveillance footage from that night and you know what I saw?

Jude (getting nervous) Um, we have cameras at Randall’s???

Cindy- I watched you pick out a black hoodie from our lost and found bin, put it on and go into the bathroom. Then I watched you walk out of the bathroom, hide in a dark corner by the stage and attack Billy Emo.

I watched your dumb ass get caught in that extension cord and watched you fall flat on your face. There is even…

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