destroy Billy Emo, Part II- the clippers


Scene: Opening Night of Emo-Hip-Centric Nights at Randall’s, Billy Emo about to take the stage

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Randall’s was filled with hundreds of emo-looking hipsters and the air was filled with the fading scent of patchouli. The lights went down and Randall’s became dark as midnight. The crowd was silent.

A shadow was seen stepping onto the stage and the sound of fingers tapping the microphone was heard.

“Thank you for coming out tonight. This is new for Randall’s and judging by the incredible turnout, hopefully it will continue. So now, without further delay, please welcome to Randall’s EMO-HIP-CENTRIC nights, DEEEEEEEJAY BILLY EMO,” said manager Cindy.

The whole place erupted in applause while Jude stood in the corner preparing for his attack. His internal organs were bubbling with nervousness and his hands began to shake.

Billy Emo took the stage wearing a black cape, black skinny jeans and…

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