the plan to destroy Billy Emo


wahlIn the interest of safety, Jude asked Clemmy to meet him at The Rover. She had to remind him that she was still boycotting the Rubberbandits and everything Irish so they settled on a Turkish Tea house a couple of blocks from Randall’s.

When Clemmy arrived, Jude was already sitting at a booth writing intently in a spiral paper notebook. He appeared disheveled, a bit out of sorts and he was not wearing his purple fedora.

“Hey babe, what’s up,” Clemmy said nervously.

Jude looked up at her, almost staring through her to the wall behind and replied, “I have a plan to destroy Billy Emo and it starts with you.”

Jude continued; “I’m sure you heard that Randall’s hired Billy Emo for two nights of Emo-Hip-Centric -Nights. Well, I can’t stand it and I’m going to end him. I will not let Billy Emo take over my Randall’s.

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