emo depression smacks Jude in the face

Billy Emo fucking with Hipster Jude again, that rat bastard


image from www.funny-quotes.picphotos.net image from http://www.funny-quotes.picphotos.net

After the meeting about the new “Emo-Hip-Centric” nights at Randall’s, Jude was off for two days; nothing out of the ordinary, just his normal days off.

For those two days, he didn’t leave his apartment and only briefly texted with Clemmy.

He was so depressed he actually watched Modern Family re-runs instead of documentaries. He also ate two bags of mainstream Cool Ranch Doritos instead of his usual Whole Foods trail mix. He absolutely wasn’t feeling his normal hipster self.

He was writing a ton of notes in his poetry journal:

Journal Notes- the day Randall’s changed (write poem later)

“meeting at Randall’s, mgr. bitch Cindy broke us the news- billy emo is somehow working with us now, some bull-shit emo-hipster deejay, blows my fedora off my head

Clemmy’s ex is haunting me, entering my world, he must be doing this on purpose, this must be his…

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