happy holidays and a-holes

happy holidaysIf you are offended by someone telling you “Happy Holidays,” then you are an asshole.  I’m sorry, I take that first statement back.  If that offends you, then you are a GIGANTIC ASSHOLE.

One of my friends on my personal Facebook had this to say on the matter:

“The best answer when someone tells you “Happy Holidays” is always “Merry Christmas to you too.”

There were about 80 likes and numerous comments of “Amen,” “Praise Him,” etc.

It’s difficult for me to understand how people can still have this moronic mentality.  Now, my friend who posted this is a Southern Baptist so that explains a lot.

Southerners can rarely handle the fact that there are people who aren’t Christians walking the streets.  Their way is the only way.  If you don’t believe that, try to make them stop eating fried foods and take away their Ranch dressing.

For a country that was founded on a basis of religious freedom, there sure are a ton of knuckle-draggers who have clearly forgotten that concept.

So, when someone tells you “Happy Holidays,” just smile and reply, “thank you.”

The world needs less assholes.





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