becoming kim k

640_kim_kardashian_instagraNothing saddens me more about American Culture than Kim Kardashian.

Her rise to fame is symptomatic of some very alarming social ills that are choking the dregs of our society to death.

  • Vanity- holy shit, no explanation needed here.  She may be the most plucked and waxed woman in the world.  Remember, most Armenian women have a lot of hair in bad places.
  • Ego/Hubris – pretty much interchangeable with her.  She has a ridiculous amount of foolish pride.
  • Misguided Confidence – similar to all those poor American Idol contestants who can’t sing for shit, but their parents have always told them how wonderful they are.  For Kim, the American public is the parent continually giving her false confidence with every social media click and watched video.
  • Horrible Role Model– I want to slit my own wrists when I hear that a female of any age aspires to be like Kim.  That is truly sad.

I get it, I get it, I do.  It’s all about economics; supply and demand.  The public demands her, so the networks are more than wiling to shove everything about her down the open throats of the feeble minded.

But you should all remember the one event that catapulted her into infamy; she fucked a rapper named Ray J, video-taped it and “leaked” it to the internet.  Oh Duh’Merica, you gave birth to this star that won’t stop shining.  Thanks for that.

And then when she was tired of filming Ray J’s black python penetrating her, she married Kayne and started breeding.  So now we are guaranteed to have little Kim/Kayne offspring wasting our precious oxygen for years to come.  I fear the cycle will never end.

I don’t hate Kim for what she has become.  I hate the people that created her and who continue to line her pockets with money.  Duh’Merica………… you win again.



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