ricky gervais & atheism (good point)

rickyThis is one of my favorite quotes regarding atheism and gods.

That’s all.



4 thoughts on “ricky gervais & atheism (good point)

  1. Gervais’ quote is an ode to a deadly form of provincial ignorance that grips the atheist.

    In the Western Heritage, Greek mythology, gods and all, is really a treasure house of wisdom concerning human nature.

    The God of the Hebrews whose story is told in another literary treasure trove, the Bible, also images human nature in graphic, ultra-high definition.

    So for Gervais to poo-poo 2500 years of proven wisdom (our Western Heritage) is truly woeful.

    Gervais in reality, is a dangerous ignoramus who somehow persuades others to be just like him.

    • People of every Era worship some deity of some sort. And they are all equally ridiculous. His quote makes sense to me, but maybe I’m just another dangerous ignoramus as well. I was an atheist long before I knew who Gervais was.

      • DUH,

        Christianity is 2000 years old and Judaism another 2500 at least.

        These religions are so old that they transcend “eras.”

        Also, the Islamic Jihad, stormed out of Arabia to inflict itself upon mankind in the 7th century AD.

        Buddhism and Hinduism are also age old religions.

        So your claim that the “people of every Era worship some deity of some sort,” is obviously and profoundly false.

      • So people, from the beginning of time have not worshiped some type of god or gods? Whether it’s 10,000 gods or 10, the principle of the quote is the same.

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