dear god, anyone home???

In light of yet another mass shooting, it seems the misdirected prayer train is continuing to steamroll through America.  And sadly, it shows no indication of ever slowing down.


Check your Facebook, your Twitter, your Instagram accounts and count the number of “please pray for the victims” comments you see.  I hate to point out the obvious, but in the absence of reason, I feel I need to help out.

Praying isn’t real.  Praying doesn’t help anyone.  Praying is only a mechanism for people to help themselves feel better during difficult situations.

And the biggest kick in the balls; the god you are praying to apparently has been steadily napping for a while and can’t seem to answer any of them.  god has been way, way, way behind the eight ball on this saving lives thing.

Oh shit, my bad, I almost forgot……. “he works in mysterious ways.”  Go ahead and tell that one to all the family members of the innocent victims.  That “mysterious way” bull-shit is just that, bull-shit.

There will continue to be mass shootings because there will always be people in this world who suck, who truly suck.  There will always be religious zealots, home-grown nut jobs and terrorists to keep you afraid at night.

Your prayers will always go unanswered because your god is not real.  No gods are real.  Since religion seems to do absolutely nothing, why don’t you try something different and jump off that train and into the realm of reason.

Just try it.  What else do you have to lose?



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