Pat Robertson (the true sign of the apocalypse)

Holy fuck.  Will someone please stop this man from speaking???  I beg you to watch the link and listen to this ranting, raving lunatic.

I will never understand why so many christians are terrified of gay people.  Why do they use one passage from Leviticus to support their hatred?  Why don’t they adhere to the other bull shit passages from Leviticus?

Pat Robertson is wonderful for spouting some of the craziest bull shit from his pretentious, white mouth.  From blaming the Haiti earthquake on gays to this idiotic rant about gay rights leading to animal fucking, this dude is a riot.

His repression is so immense I’m willing to bet that he probably has 3 or 4 Filipino boys tied up in his basement with ball gags in their mouths.  After he gets home from a long day of bashing the unholy, he puts on his assless chaps and tosses the Filipino boys salads for about three hours.  Then he goes to bed, wakes up and continues to berate that which he is most afraid of…………… gay sex.

Dear Religious people, Pat Robertson is the true sign of the apocalypse.  Make sure to keep sending him money, keep sending money, keep sending money……….your reward is everlasting life in heaven.


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