Scientology (levels of crazy)

CRUISEAfter recently watching the HBO documentary Going Clear I was baffled, yet conflicted. I am a champion of free speech, freedom of religion and for people to believe what they want to believe.

But damn, watching this documentary was painful. I always try to approach any documentary with an open mind, because generally, a documentary presents one side of a story.

That being said, if only 10% of this doc is true, then everyone should be terrified. Very, very terrified. The “auditing”, the “bridge”, the Galactic Overlord Xenu and evil spirits taking over your body………HOLY SHIT.

In many respects though, Scientology is not much different than any other religion. In my opinion, most religions are based on beliefs that are incredibly ridiculous.

Most of the stories in the Christian bible are difficult to grasp or comprehend on any level. So I guess it just comes down to levels of crazy.

A guy in the clouds snapping his fingers and creating Earth=Batshit Crazy. Scientology and Xenu=Triple Batshit Crazy. I can’t even write anymore because every time I think about it my mouth hits the floor.

I truly can’t believe that so many people can be so fucking stupid to believe this shit. Baffling. But hey, it’s worth a watch. It’s interesting, disturbing and will make you hate Tom Cruise and John Travolta more than you probably already do.


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