Please stop praying (god forgot about you)

Something that always intrigues me is tragedy and religion. Recently when reading my local news website, there was a terribly sad article about a mother who was killed in a traffic accident.

Then, I stupidly began reading the comments below the article.

I was amazed by how many complete strangers were “praying” for them. This always baffles me. “Hey, you are dead. But don’t worry, I’m praying for you.”

If prayer actually worked, it appears that maybe everyone was a little too late for this poor mother. Maybe they should have prayed before she was killed.

God really let her down. I guess he was too busy that day. But don’t worry, people are praying for her now………after she’s dead.

I can imagine how the surviving family members must feel after such a tragedy. Dealing with the death of a loved one must be easier knowing complete strangers are praying for them.

Please everyone, STOP PRAYING FOR DEAD PEOPLE, they are already dead and you were too late.  Instead, maybe do something that actually does something.  Maybe make a dinner for the family, donate to a college fund for the kids, etc.

Praying is a cop-out for all those who are too lazy to do something real that actually helps people.  Pull your hands apart and make a real difference.  The only thing prayer does is help the person who is praying feel better about themselves.


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