the androgynous future world

I love Garbage and I love Shirley Manson.  Normally I’m not a huge fan of female rockers, but Manson is incredible.  I was listening to Androgyny the other day and began to think about the future.

Androgynous- having both male and female characteristics (

Think about that word and that definition as you observe people around you.  Pick up a fashion magazine or watch a fashion show or American Idol.

androgynousHave you noticed that men and women are beginning to share the same characteristics?  In many cases it can be difficult to tell a man or woman apart without a closer look.

When I was younger, it was very rare to see a man pluck his eyebrows, shave his body hair or care so much about looking “pretty.”

But now this has become commonplace in our society, our society that has become obsessed by unconventional appearances.  Our society that is obsessed with pressuring women to be gaunt and stick-like.

In 500 years it wouldn’t surprise me if being Androgynous became the norm.  Shit, I wish I could live that long.  Maybe one of my relatives will save this and read it one day.


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