time is a flat circle (what if?)


“Time is a flat circle.  And the curse of all life is that we repeat our same mistakes again and again, playing the roles of mythical archetypes, the fool, the hunter, walking ghosts seeking a solace that only comes with the brief respite of the grave.” True Detective

trueYes, I’m addicted to True Detective.  Each episode brings forth a new quote that absolutely mesmerizes me.

Especially the one above. Thing about that one for a minute, let it sink in.

Think about life.  Think about your life.  Think about the world we live in.

What if?  What if?  What if?  What if?


2 thoughts on “time is a flat circle (what if?)

  1. Repeating a mistake more than once or twice indicates that one is feeble minded. An inability to reason, brought on by a desire that one’s initial solution to any problem is the correct one, “proving” intellect. The ability to lie to one’s self, in spite of the presence of overwhelming evidence may make one “feel” better but indicates instability. A flaw in our ability to logically process solutions to problems – problems often brought upon by ourselves. Someone gets imprisoned for auto theft will complain that they weren’t actually stealing the car, their lawyer did a terrible job, the punishment doesn’t fit the crime, prison conditions are lousy, etc., etc.. They truly believe they’ve been wronged. When they’re released, they go and do it again, believing that this time, things will be different. When we need to blame someone other than ourselves for our own mistakes, we doom ourselves to continued failure. The one and only benefit to this mindset is that you will always have someone else to blame for your life’s misery. That’s right, I’m talking about the average democrat voter.

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