Being Isaach De Bankole (a tribute to the Limits of Control)

Are you interested in science by any chance? I’m interested in molecules.  The Sufi say, each one of us is a planet spinning in ecstasy.  But I say, Each one of us is a set of shifting molecules, spinning in ecstasy.  In the near future, worn out things will be made new again by reconfiguring the molecules.  A pair of shoes, a tire.  Molecular detection will also allow the determination of an object’s physical history; this matchbook for example, its collection of molecules could indicate everywhere it’s ever been.  They could do it with your clothes or even your skin for that matter.  The universe has no center and no edges.  Molecules, from the Limits of Control

It would never work.  I could never be the character Lone Man who Isaach De Bankole portrays in the Jim Jarmusch movie The Limits of Control.

He’s so calm, so centered and so focused on the mission at hand.  People speak to him and he often stares back as if nothing has been said.

He ritually performs Tai Chi to keep his center.  He’s so fucking disciplined.

I mean when Paz De La Huerta is lying naked on his bed, begging him to enjoy her, he simply denies her.

“Do you like sex,” she says.

He simply replies, “Yes,” and refrains.

No sudden moves, no inkling that he even has a dick.  He doesn’t even take his suit off as she sleeps naked, lying next to him .

Then the beautiful Paz adorns a clear raincoat with her naked brilliance beneath.

“Do you like my raincoat,” she says. 

Again he replies, “Yes,” and refrains.  My idol, he must be gay because she is fucking incredible and almost every man on the planet would chew off their arm to have a chance.

Again, maybe that’s the point.  Maybe we are all to eager to partake and all it takes is a gorgeous, naked woman to seal the deal

His patience is unmatched by any character in the movie.  He doesn’t sweat, he never gets nervous, his lips hardly move.

Hell, maybe that’s the point.  Maybe we should all be more like Lone Man.

Even when he finishes his deed at the end, he’s stone cold smooth.

Maybe none of you have a fucking clue what I’m talking about here because you haven’t seen the movie.  It’s worth watching and worth thinking about.

I think there is a bigger meaning here, somewhat of a sad commentary on current society and its inability to exhibit restraint.

“He who thinks he’s bigger than the rest of us….must go to the cemetery.  There he will see what the world really is.  It’s a handful of dirt.”  (Mexican, from the Limits of Control)


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