Without Faith…..

“Without faith, there is no life.” – random bumper sticker

I saw this while in traffic the other day. For me, this is so incredibly wrong and it’s a flat out lie.

faith-firm belief in something for which there is no proof (www.m-w.com)

I feel good everyday I wake up and live for many purposes.  I fail to see the logic in blindly believing in something just because someone told to me to.

I guess bumper stickers help people forget reality and make them feel better about not questioning this life we live.  Or maybe I just don’t have any faith.


5 thoughts on “Without Faith…..

  1. It’s the unthinking dickheads like this that forced me out of Church. They really do think their pathetic understanding of faith puts God on their side. You’ll see them on the news having survived a plane crash or something banging on about how God saved them…bad fuckin’ luck about everyone else who died, right? Must’a been God’s will again. Methinks these guys are gonna be the ones most surprised when their end comes.

      • Well, I suppose because I believe there’s a God I also get to believe there’s an active evil influence at work as well. I don’t pretend to have the answers for that one but at least I can throw rocks at someone. I don’t know how you atheist guys reconcile that stuff. Hard to come up with a satisfactory answer either way.

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