The Hipster Movement

hipsterI always marvel at Hipsters and how their desperate search for individuality usually results in them becoming the exact opposite of what they seek.

People either want to be the Kardashians or David Lynch, everything in between is just a muddled batch of grey.



3 thoughts on “The Hipster Movement

  1. When I see that picture, all I can think of is this is a guy way cooler than I will ever be, and I want to pierce his mystery. Then again, another part of me wonders whether this is actually the original version or not. I think what we all found out over the last Um—-forty five years or so—-is that, once you give persons the exact, perfect blueprint to follow, they can just do a complete imitation of what used to be ‘hip.’ Very confusing, it’s all image. Everyong fooling everyone. But, still, the first thing I think when I see that is, “My G-d, is he hip!” I am very impressionable. I tend to think all these guys have some secret or something.

    • Thanks for reading and commenting, I do appreciate it. When I see someone like this, part of me is actually jealous. I wonder where he works and is able to look like that. There are times when I wish I could not shave, grow my hair out and drink beer all day at a cool bar. But then reality sits on my face very quickly.

  2. Ah, hipsters. I work in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It’s like halloween everyday. I would get jealous, but then I remember that:
    – I can eat carbs, which probably means
    – I can wear pants that aren’t so tight I can’t bend over
    – My hair hasn’t fallen out from pomade abuse.
    – My face is capable of expressing joy.
    – If I had tattoos, they’d be spelled correctly.
    – I have health insurance.
    And so on….

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