Testing Faith (god falls asleep again)

God-sleepingSo this happened the other day in the city where I grew up.  A 79 year-old woman accidentally ran over 10 people while leaving church, killing 3.

The elderly woman thought she had her suburban in drive, but really had it in reverse and she floored it only coming to a stop after running over 10 people and crashing into a creek.

Florida is full of elderly drivers and this type of an accident is actually very common here, except it’s rare to see that many pedestrians injured in one event.

I could go into my belief that elderly drivers should be tested by the DMV more frequently as they age instead of them getting a 10 year renewal without having to demonstrate that they can actually see, let alone drive, but I won’t.

I don’t want to make light of this tragedy, but I couldn’t help but wonder something:

Hey god, where the hell were you on this one????  I mean hell, these people had just finished worshiping you and were walking out to their cars to probably go eat a very early dinner.  And then WHAMMY, death.

Did you clock out right after the collection plate was passed around?  Did you need a nap?

I read many articles about this sad situation and saw many quotes about “faith” and “praying” which left me dumbfounded.  Wow, I would imagine this situation would truly test a believer’s faith in God.

I guess next time the prayer should have gone like this:  “Dear God, thank you for this beautiful God created day in sunny Florida.  Thank you for this wonderful, passionate service.  And by the way, please make sure no one runs our ass over after the service while we walk to our cars.  We do need to get to Applebees for dinner at 2:30.”

I guess the details are in the prayer.

God was probably tired.  It has to be difficult to keep up with all the starving kids around the world so I guess we can give you a pass on this one.  And in reality, all the dead were elderly and maybe you were lonely and wanted them up with you a little quicker.

P.S.- it doesn’t appear that any charges will be filed against the driver.  I can only wonder if the driver was between 16-60 years old.  Would they be treated the same?


4 thoughts on “Testing Faith (god falls asleep again)

  1. Mate, it gets worse than that. When you view God as being as interventionist as some would have you believe you can then escalate it to God taking sides as well, so then it sounds like this, “Thank you God for not letting me be run over like these other fools who are obviously deluded about the genuinieness of their faith in You.” Or my other fucking favourite around the room at Wednesday Night Bible Study “It must’ve been God’s will.” Idiots by the Suburban load.

  2. anyway the lady had her license revoked for 12 months. After a year she will be on the street again, hopefully not running over more people. And she will have to pay a whooping 1 thousand bucks as fine. quote :” 79 year-old Doreene Landstra appears before judge Robert A. Farrance at the Manatee County Judicial Center in Bradenton on Wednesday, April 2, 2014. During the traffic court hearing Landstra pleaded no contest to an improper backing citation. She was ordered to pay a $1,000 fine plus court costs and will have her license revoked for a year.”.

    Poor lady.
    Her live is destroyed just because a driving error.


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