Flash Reality (I invented it….. I think)


flashI’m a fan of the flash fiction genre, reading some here and there.  It got me thinking……….is there a genre yet called Flash Reality???

I surely hope not. 

I googled it, but couldn’t really find anything.  So hopefully, I just invented and coined a new genre.

Today, January 29,2014 I proclaim Flash Reality Day.  Oh, but I better place a hashtag in front of it to make it official in the alternate world of Twitter:


Sadly, I’m not sure what to do next.  Do I hire a lawyer, an agent or a publicist?  I need some help, I truly have no idea how to proceed.  In this age of obscene capitalism, I worry someone may steal my creation and market it for their own benefit.

Well, maybe I’m giving myself far too much credit.  Please, someone burst my bubble and show me who may have invented Flash Reality.



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