Duh’Merica (a poem for the masses)

selfieDuh’Merica……. in order to escape your own sad realities, you peer into the television and watch the pathetic, invented “realities” of people you wish you could be.  it’s so easy to fall into the couch while letting the mountain dew drip down and wet your cheetoh-stained chin

you wake up every day, go to the job you hate,  work for people you despise, to collect the check that pays for the beer first and rent second.  the buzz keeps everything numb and near the back of your vapid mind

you tweet what you think are clever quips and sit on the edge of the toilet seat waiting for someone to “favorite” the line, oh-to be loved by random internet friends who live in other worlds so far away from yours

you continue to click “selfies” with the hopes of attracting someone to share the mundane bubble you have created for yourself, but can’t quite seem to find the “right” one

you remain entranced by the media and have long forgotten to ask but just one question and instead believe the bullshit that scrolls from channel to channel

you believe in god, you pray to god because you are too fucking lazy and scared to entertain the idea that maybe there is nothing beyond this earth, too scared to understand that we humans are just animals, eating, shitting, breeding, then dying and rotting in the ground, food for the worms

Duh’Merica, I’m waiting for the aliens to shoot down from the stars and take me away, I don’t even care if they probe me first, I feel like I’m used to the sodomy by now


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